Pre-Colonial Eko – War camp, fishing village and pepper farm

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Why was Lagos so important?

The Lagos settlement served as the intersection of two worlds – the coastal lagoon trade system of the slave coast and the Atlantic triangle trade system.

In pre-modern West Africa long distance transportation was largely restricted to the riverine traffic of the tropical south and arduous overland caravan routes in the arid north of the region. Roads were extremely limited and constrained to the central regions of major cosmopolitan empires and city states. In many areas of tropical West Africa pack animals were scarce or entirely absent due to trypanosomiasis (a parasitic disease affecting large mammals) and the use of the wheel for transportation in the region was virtually unknown until the arrival of European colonists.

Because waterborne travel was so important the extensive coastal lagoon ranging from the Volta River in the West to the Mahin River in the East was the main highway by which long distance trade was conducted along the coast of the Gulf of Guinea – the Slave Coast. At the center of the 400 Mile long system of lagoons is the Lagos Lagoon and Lagos Island. The waters of the Atlantic directly off the coast are not suitable for small-vessel traffic and so the Lagoons became the primary zone of interaction between the Ocean-going Europeans and the coastal African Kingdoms.

Lagos is situated near the center of these Lagoons at a spot where it is possible to pass easily from the Atlantic into the inland Lagos Lagoon – a large, calm body of water capable of hosting the lively Atlantic trade. At the height of the triangle trade Lagos was the most important port-city in West Africa and continued to be important, especially as a slave-trade city, until the British occupation of the city in 1861.


A drawing of Benin made by an English officer just after both Benin and Lagos were occupied by the British. Lagos would have looked much like this.


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